4 Tips Every Young Entrepreneur Would Recommend You

Yannick van den Bos speaking in front of 1000 people in Las Vegas.

In this money-driven world today — that too when the global economy is far from being at its best shape — people regardless of their age are always in search of a stable in-flow of money.

As an aspiring young entrepreneur, you are certainly no exception to that trend!

While some are inclined towards a day-time job for stability, a growing number of young entrepreneurs today would rather prefer to start their own business, work hard, and reap lucrative and sustainable benefits as reward.

However, there are certain factors that you should always keep in mind before making your maiden foray in the challenging, yet exciting realm of entrepreneurship.

Here are 4 important tips that every young entrepreneur would recommend you:

1# Do what you like, but also think practically

“Do what you like,”

Probably you have heard this advice time and again in your life — and to be fair, this is really a good advice that can make running your own business a less burdensome, but fun and fulfilling experience.

This makes perfect sense because the more you love whatever it is that you do, the higher is the chances of your success.

However, while making up your mind, always make it a point to base your decisions on reason and practicality.

In simpler words, don’t just do what you love, but do it in a smart and financially viable way.

After all, we all have bills to pay at the end of each month and a future to look after.

2# Avoid having too much on your plate

Time management is an essential quality that all entrepreneurs have to excel in order to accomplish their long term and short term objectives.

Equally important is the ability to set realistic, achievable goals and then pursue them.

This is particularly important for young entrepreneurs who are still in college or in a regular 9 to 5 job.

Remember, it is always easy for ambitious young entrepreneurs to get carried away with their grand plans, eventually ending up having too much on their plate.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that you start only those projects that you can realistically follow through with.

The best way to go about this is to note down all your long term objectives, and then divide them in smaller, time-bound goals.

3# Respect laws and guidelines applicable to your industry

While this may not seem like an immediate priority to many, knowing the nitty-gritty of the laws and regulations governing your industry is actually an important aspect of starting a business.

That’s because, you would certainly hate to waste your hard-earned money on legal fees, or penalties, or both for being on the wrong side of the law.

It is important that you register your business with the government and submit all necessary documentations to financial authorities.

Just remember, regardless of how vast your customer-base is, or how good your business sense is, the law can still act as a big bummer.

There are numerous examples of startups with tremendous potential losing ground after being entrapped in legal complications.

4# Don’t overwork yourself to frustration

There will be times when the pressure will mount really high — it’s an integral and inescapable part of running a business.

At such times, make it a point to take a break. A vacation would be a nice way to rejuvenate your stressed mind.

Don’t ignore it.

Even if it means hiring a friend or someone close to manage it for a few days in your absence.

Never allow stress and anxiety to get the better of you — this is perhaps the most important tip to follow through.

Last but not the least; possibilities and niches are practically endless.

They are waiting there to be tapped. So go ahead, do your research, grab your opportunities and have loads of success.

Hopefully the aforementioned tips will help you traverse the pathway to success in a relatively simpler, easier, and more fulfilling way.




Digital marketer, speaker and trainer. Say “hi” via email: Send me an email to info (at) yannick (dot) pro!

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Yannick van den Bos

Yannick van den Bos

Digital marketer, speaker and trainer. Say “hi” via email: Send me an email to info (at) yannick (dot) pro!

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